I haven't received my reports and I've been waiting for some time?

Reports are typically emailed within minutes of you checking out. Firstly, please check your Junk or SPAM folder. Because our system is integrated with more than one government department and agency, sometimes they are down for maintenance. If we are aware of this, you'll be notified at the time your transaction is completed and on occasions, via email as well. Once the system becomes available, you'll receive your report. If you haven't received your report within an hour, please do not hesitate to contact us. You'll need to provide your email address and PayPal transaction ID for verification.

My report isn't blank, but it seemingly doesn't contain any information?

If you don't see any of the vehicles details such as Make, Model, etc under the heading NEVDIS details, you've probably enetered the wrong VIN number. You can confirm this by checking the VIN at the top of the page next to "Motor vehicle". If this is the case, you'll need to conduct another search. Unfortunately refunds are not possible.

Other services seemingly provide more information, why don't you?

The information those services provide are typically a best estimate. This may include odometer readings, average price of the vehicle or the like. This information is freely available. What you really want is to ensure the vehicle isn't under finance and hasn't been written off or stolen. Our reports provide exactly that.

Is this service Australia wide?

Yes. It will work for any vehicle with a valid VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

What type of vehicles can I search for?

If the vehicle has a 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) you can conduct a search. Chassis Number searches are not automatically handled by REVS Checker. You can contact us however and we'll arrange for a manual search to be conducted.

If the vehicle is under finance, is this information shown?

Yes. On the first page of your report under "Registration Details", you'll see information pertaining to the encumbrance or security interest. It will also provide contact details of the security interest (generally a finance company or bank). You should speak with them to ensure the vehicle isn't under finance at which point you should conduct another search just to be safe. If the vehicle isn't under finance, under the Registration Details section you'll see "No registration exists for this serial number".

Who provides the data you use?

Data is sourced from the PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) which in turn also accesses the NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle & Driver Information System). It is this system which provides key vehicle information, including but not limited to its stolen or written off status. The PPSR system covers vehicles being under finance or the like.

Is the data provided accurate?

Whilst we cannot guarantee its accuracy, you should consider the information provided to be of the highest standard as it comes directly, in real time, from the PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) and NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle & Driver Information System) systems.

Why do other services claim to offer an odometer reading?

The reading is merely a best estimate based on the vehicles age and average number of kilometres driven by most Australians. If you are concerned, you should refer to the vehicles service history.

Does the service include the owners details?

No, however it may confirm the vehicles current or past registration number depending on the time of purchase.

The owner claims the loan has been paid but the PPSR report says otherwise?

On occasions, finance companies can be slow to update the PPSR system. You must speak with them to confirm and likewise conduct a secondary search once they confirm they've updated the PPSR system.

Can I search based on a vehicles registration number?

No, you must use the vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Next to Written Off, Stolen and other fields in the report it says "no data". What does that mean?

It means the PPSR or NEVDIS system does not contain any information which would suggest the vehicle is written off or stolen. This is what you want to see. Our sample report highlights the difference.

The vehicle appears to be written off, what does that mean exactly?

There are two kinds of write off's, the first is a Statutory Write Off meaning the vehicle cannot be legally re-registered. The second is a Repairable Write Off. In this situation, most likely the insurance company, has determined that it is not economically viable for them to repair the vehicle. Those vehicles are typically sold at auctions to buyers who are prepared to repair it. Once the vehicle has passed an independent safety inspection, it may be re-registered.

What does Storm or Flood Damage mean?

This typically means the vehicle suffered extensive water or hail damage. In most cases, the insurance company has deemed the vehicle to be a repairable write off. Just because a vehicle may have suffered small, some or slight hail damage for example, does not mean it will be listed in your report however.

Should I purchase a vehicle which has been written off?

You should exercise common sense and extreme caution. Vehicles which have been written off are generally much harder to sell and likewise repair. We would recommend the vehicle is inspected by a professional prior to purchase.

The vehicle I've checked has been reported as stolen, what should I do?

Aside from not purchase it, contact the police in that state or territory in question and provide the reference number. The vehicle has been flagged in the national database because the VIN, plate, engine or potentially all three, have been reported as stolen. This data might be historical so don't panic, just contact the police in that state.

Do you have access to my credit card details?

Definitely not. Our system only records the transaction ID which cannot identify you personally. This data is recorded in the unlikely event an error were to occur with your transaction.

Do you record my name or email address?

Please refer to our Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy for more details. The short answer is yes, however this information is encrypted and is only stored to verify the transaction and send you your report.

How secure is your website?

REVS Checker uses some of the highest available encryption and our payment gateway, PayPal, likewise does the same.

Do you accept eCheque payments via PayPal?

Yes however these can take up to seven (7) days to process. Once complete, your report will be emailed to you. Unfortunately we cannot cancel the transaction during this time. For immediate access to a report, please use existing PayPal funds (balance) or a direct debit or credit card linked to your PayPal account.

I received my report but it was totally blank?

This is a rare case but can occur if the PPSR system is overloaded. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will request it be reissued. You'll need to provide your email address, PayPal transaction ID and the VIN number in question.